One of the worst parts about bad teeth is the way they make you feel on the inside. If you have never been through it, you might not understand. It can cause negative feelings and self-doubt when your teeth are less than perfect. In today’s society, it is often seen as a statement of wealth to have super white teeth. In Hollywood, people pay major bucks to be able to have white teeth. People will go to all extremes to get them, but luckily even if we do not have the big bucks to afford all of our teeth to be redone we have the option to purchase teeth whitening strips. Many have questions if they work well or at all. Here we will go over some of the teeth whitening strips on the market. Here are what we consider the best whitening strips.

Crest Whitestrips

In most cases these work well to help remove some of the stains left by coffee and dark sodas on teeth. There are always times when they do not work so well. It is important to make sure that you keep up with the program of using them as directed or they will not work as well. Many people struggle to do this and then get put off by the lack of results. There is a direct connection to using them frequently and results.


These have been on the market for awhile and they have an intense version that claim’s it only takes 5- 10 minutes of use to remove years of stains. They are able to make your teeth noticeably whiter after a couple weeks of use. In addition, they stop future stains from attacking your teeth that is extremely beneficial.


Offers a different option that is the most inexpensive and works well. Instead of strips, they offer a whitening paste. This works well because it is being used multiple time a day every day in order to whiten your teeth. In addition, it is much less harsh on your teeth.

Which to choose?

It is important to realize that this is a very personal decision, but the great thing is that you can try one and if you don’t like it try another. The paste is the most inexpensive, but the other two white strips are great options that are not that expensive as opposed to replacing your teeth altogether. Something most of us can not afford. You decide!

The best part of going through with some type of whitening process is that you will eventually feel much better about who you are as a person. You will have the confidence to do things you were not able to do before and that is speaking from experience. Get ready to be a whole new person who attacks life with nothing less than a big white brilliant smile. You should never be ashamed of who you are especially because of something as silly as your teeth and if whitening them makes you feel better, go for it!