This garment steamer is your solution to creases on clothes especially if you are an occasional traveler. Using high temperature steam, wrinkles on fabrics and garments are quickly removed with ease. It is made with the best technology and is easily portable. Pure Electronics, its designer and manufacturer, offers a wide range of other small home devices such as kitchen appliances, air purifiers and fans.

Product Description

There are plenty of features that make PureSteam portable garment steamer the most preferred product in its category. They include:

Hi-tech nozzle design- This perfect nozzle design helps in equal distribution of powerful steam on clothes. It helps in directing some consistent amount of heat over a wide surface area with on stubborn wrinkles, for example on cloths and fabrics as well as furniture upholstery.

8 foot built-in cable- This long cable eliminates the need to use an extension cord when the steamer is connected to power. The cord supports up to 110V and is well insulated removing the risk of electrocution. With this, users enjoy great flexibility while working your way around your room.

Auto Shut-off Safety Protection- Pure steamer comes with an auto shut off safety button. This automatically shuts down the steamer especially when water runs low or if the heating unit gets too hot. This reduces the risk of fire in your home hence giving owners some peace of mind in the long run.
Easy to fill water tank- The tank is filled with water that is heated to produce steam in about two minutes. You only put water up to the “MAX” line that will last up to ten minutes. You will not need to keep refilling the steamer.

Temperature Control- This feature allows users to control the amount of steam temperature coming from the steamer. This allows users to steam different types of fabrics in the long run.

Two Year Warranty- Pure Electronics Co. is a reputable firm and is confident in the quality of products its presents to the market. You will love the steamer and get parts replaced or get a whole new steamer if it is broken within the first two years of use.


  • It is among the cheapest steamers in the market
  • Heats quickly and removes wrinkles in under 2 minutes
  • Suitable for any type of fabric or furniture upholstery
  • Auto shut down prevents hazards like fire in homes
  • Easy to store
  • Portable steamer
  • Lengthy warranty


  • Cannot be used to remove creases in loads of cloths. This is especially for users with large families hence its worthwhile to go for larger steamers to avoid refilling it after every ten minutes.
  • The water tank cannot be detached for refilling purposes. Additionally, one is required to wait for the steamer to at least cool before adding cold water and continue steaming garments.


Wearing creased clothes to meetings or to any other business gives people a negative perspective of who you are. This appliance is small, cheap and mighty and this makes it the most popular steamer around the world.