Time spent at the beach can be very relaxing as long as you can spend it in a comfortable setting. While laying on sand is great for the first hour or two, any more time than that can be very tiring unless you come to the beach well-prepared. The sand can get really hot, and if you can’t hide from the sun it’s easy to get sunburnt. There are a few obvious things you can do to make your time at the beach more enjoyable, even during the hottest weather – don’t forget to take enough water, sunglasses and suntan oil. To get your beach time to the next level, you can take care of a few additional things – one of them is a comfortable beach chair and umbrella set. This inexpensive idea can turn your typical afternoon at the beach into a pleasurable experience.

Why a beach chair with umbrella?

Sunbathing with a moderate exposure of your skin to the sun can be very beneficial. The sun increases vitamin D production and positively influences your mood. As has been mentioned above, a good chair gives you a comfortable spot to sit on when the sand gets awfully hot. While you sit on it, the umbrella will protect your skin from the excessive sun so that it doesn’t get any damage. Of course, most beaches around the world offer rental of both beach chairs and umbrellas but you never know if there will be any free to grab, and it’s no fun seating on one used by tens of other people anyway. That’s why you should get your own beach chair and umbrella set.

A chair gives you comfort. An umbrella can save your life

Having a beach umbrella is recommended for everyone – especially those whose relatives have had skin cancer and those who get moles or severe sunburns each time they go to the beach. A good beach umbrella, together with a sunscreen can, in fact, save your life while a chair increases the comfort of your stay at the beach. When choosing the set, you should make sure that both of them are of good quality and are comfortable. For example, if you find yourself just a few inches off the ground while in your beach chair, this would mean everything around you – your sunscreen or book – are within your reach all the time, and you don’t have to move to grab them.

Similarly, think whether you want armrests – they can be a superb choice, especially if they’re made of hardwood. Such chair is much heavier though and harder to transport so if mobility is important for you, think of something lighter. Another thing you should take into account is weather resistance – is the fabric on both the chair and the umbrella easy to clean? What’s the UV protection of the material of which the umbrella is made? And, equally important – is the fabric of the chair safe for your skin (consider the temperature) and your clothes?

Choosing a good beach chair and umbrella set can be easy if you know what you should pay attention to. The most important things are the fabric of which both the frame and the covers are made as well as the mobility and comfort of the set as a whole. Remember to take into consideration the overall cost, because sometimes it can be cheaper to simply rent one at the beach. Though if you are a frequent beachgoer, you have to get your own set!