Summertime is time for cookouts. You have spent time perfecting just the right sauce, found the perfect meat, and now all you need to find is the perfect grill to cook it on. Grills have gone high-tech and there are many options now to help you achieve just the right sear for yourself and your guests. There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the best propane grill for your needs.

The first consideration is the grilling surface. If you are going to be cooking for large crowds often, of course you need the biggest main grill surface possible. Some grills, such as the Napoleon Rogue 425, have grill sizes as large as 625 square inches. The average grill surface for larger grills are around 620 square inches. The largest that was found was the Spirit Genesis E-310 with a surface area of 637 square inches. In addition, some grills have multiple burners that allow you to cook things at different temperatures on different areas of the grill surface. This is almost like cooking on your stove, but with that grilled taste that you love.

Side shelves and weight are also a consideration when choosing the best propane grill, especially if the grill will not be included as a part of a formal patio kitchen. If you are going to have to move the grill from place to place, a lightweight grill may be the best option. However, you also have to consider tipping hazard with lighter grills. The size of the propane tank will also be a factor in both the weight of the grill, and how often you have to refill the tank. Of course, you want a grill that has a heavy metal case, rather than one that feels thin and cheap.

If all you want to do is to cook hamburgers and hotdogs, most of the grills on the market will suit your needs. However, if you want to bring out the gourmet chef, the best propane grill for you will be one that has a wide range of temperatures. For instance, you want to be able to produce lower temperatures for cooking delicate meat such as fish. You also need to look at the indirect cooking tests for the grill if you wish to do tougher cuts of meat such as steaks. Looking at the BTUs, or British thermal units per hour, will tell you how much heat the gas will produce.

Another thing to consider when choosing the best propane grill is to look at the warranty on the burners. The burners on a propane grill sustain intense heat for long periods of time. Of course, you want to choose one that has a rating of at least 10 years or longer before the burners need to be replaced. You also need to consider the accessories that come with the grill. Many grills come with accessories such as a pizza oven, griddle, wok, and grilling basket. Of course, you can purchase these accessories separately, but why not get the best deal when purchasing the best propane grill for you and your summer fun.